Workplace rehabilitation

man in workplace
We provide innovative services with a focus on sustainable return-to-work

We provide return to work services utilising the latest technology, evidence-based literature, and best-practice rehabilitation to achieve swift and sustainable return-to-work outcomes to support injured workers, insurers, claims agents and employers.

Our allied health professionals have extensive experience across a range of disciplines. We utilise the latest technology and digital tools which allow services to be provided more efficiently, to free up our professional team so they can spend more time with clients, and providing exceptional service for our customers.

Our return to work services include:

  • Initial needs assessment
  • Functional capacity
  • Workplace assessment
  • Job task analysis
  • Vocational assessment and counselling
  • Labour market analysis

Our services are underpinned by the Principles of Practice for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers designed by the Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities (HWCA), ensuring a Nationally Consistent Principles-Based Framework. This provides a solid foundation for delivering quality, customer-focused services to your business.

Perceptive Health is a signatory organisation to the Realising the Health Benefits of Good Work Consensus Statement, given the evidence of an important relationship between health and work. This initiative is based on evidence that good work is beneficial to people’s health and wellbeing and that long-term work absence, work disability and unemployment generally have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

We are committed to this initiative and the implementation of Safe Work Australia’s National Return to Work Strategy 2020-2030 (, to minimise the impact of work-related injury and illness and enable workers to have a timely, safe and durable return to work. This strategy recognises the role that workplace rehabilitation providers play in optimising workers' recovery and return to work. We believe that as an organisation Perceptive Health can assist with state and national improvements through innovative return to work services.