Our technology

Our smart technology solutions use modern artificial intelligence and data analytics techniques to streamline the health and rehabilitation process, allowing services to be provided efficiently, with less time spent on administration and reporting. Decades of combined experience in healthcare, rehabilitation and technology have guided the provision of a set of smart digital tools that optimise the time of our health professionals, allowing them more time to focus on what they do best - helping our clients.

Digital Assessment Tools

Purpose-built tools to understand the needs of our customers quickly and effectively.


Speech transcription streamlines administration and reporting.

Machine Learning

Modern neural networks allow our technology to understand human language and extract meaning.

Natural Language Processing

Smart tools interpret language and immediately identify rehabilitation risks, allowing barriers to be addressed early for more effective rehabilitation.

Perceptive Health technology
Natural Language Generation

Smart tools reduce administration overhead for our health professionals.

Visual Analytics

Coming soon. Uncover insights and underpin our ability to provide superior evidence-based services.


Clear, consistent reporting asists us to monitor outcomes for our clients.


Coming soon, our technology will detect ways to improve efficiency of services.